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As my week back in the “real world” ends (think home from cabin), and 10 days of continuous company commences, I am immersed in meal planning and packing for another extended stay at the lake.  But thankfully, I am saved by my summer motto, “Have totes, will travel.”

You see, CobornDelivers not only solves my empty refrigerator dilemma at home, they also spare me the high prices and trips to town when I’m up North. When I order from CobornDelivers before heading to the lake, I can bring all my groceries with me right in their totes – especially those with the insulated coolers.  Then I don’t have to repack my groceries, and when I get there I can enjoy my company and the lake right away!

Additionally, I love the family packs section of the online store (click on “Grocery Store”, then on “Family Packs”) and the time and money saving options found there.  Everything from bakery and produce – check out the beautiful sandwich topper, fruit and vegetable trays – to the meats and beverages will have you set to travel and entertain in no time.

Never has shopping “on-the-go”, been so valuable or easy.   Thank you CobornDelivers for allowing me stay out of the store and savor my summer!


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You already know you can find great recipes, tips and updates from CobornsDelivers on their Facebook page, but did you know you can also find awesome deals there too? Every Thursday, CobornsDelivers will post a new promotion on their Facebook fan page for you to take advantage of …just visit the page and look for the promo code, then enter the code when you check out. It’s that simple!

Quantities are limited, so I suggest acting fast to get in on these great deals. Last week was a free ham to the first 100 customers who placed an order of $150 or more – check back this Thursday to see what the next deal of the week will be!

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This is the usual scenario: On my way to the grocery store, I begin to repeat my mantra… “stick to your list, make it quick.”  Often times, my list consists of just a few items which enables me to justify running to the market most convenient to my house.  This market happens to be very high priced and not the place I like to do quantity purchasing.  But then it happens — as I walk through the aisles I start piling items in my cart that are not on my list, right down to the gum and magazine so strategically placed at the checkout counter.  By the time I leave the store I have spent three times what I planned.

This year I have been desperately trying to stick to a grocery budget.  Admittedly, I was failing miserably.  I was astounded by how much money I would spend on unintended and unnecessary items.  By ordering my groceries online, I have eliminated this costly problem and surprisingly discovered even more benefits along the way.

  • Save Time: First, placing my orders online has been a huge time saver and extremely convenient.   I’ve reclaimed the time it took to make a couple of trips per week to the store and am instead getting all the groceries I need for the entire week.  CobornsDelivers keeps my master list on file, so it’s simply a quick adjustment here and there and my order is done.   As a busy mom of three, I embrace anything that saves me time and energy! (more…)

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