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We recently joined the ranks of cabin ownership and all its glory.  Yet, one of the challenges of dual home management is maintaining your sanity while traveling back and forth, meal planning for company and keeping two places stocked with the essentials (not to mention remembering which house has what).

But, cabin owners rejoice – CobornsDelivers has the answer to your nomadic woes.

This week I am heading home after 28 days straight at the lake, and what would normally fill me with dread (not having so much as a drop of milk in the house) has turned into joy-filled anticipation.  Why?  Because I am ordering my groceries from the cabin online – and they will be waiting for me upon my arrival home!  No dumping the laundry out and rushing off the grocery store for me.  Which leaves me more time to actually enjoy my summer…and BOTH of my homes.

Take advantage of this great feature yourself this summer – whether you are at your own cabin, on a family car adventure or just taking a few days away to visit friends or family.  And discover the most welcome sight for sore eyes when you get back…green CobornsDelivers totes filled with groceries waiting at your door.


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