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Every year in November, we get out our griddles, rolling pins, flipping sticks, and flour.  We’ve all done our prep work, boiling the right number of Russet and Red potatoes, ricing them, mixing in the cream, flour, salt, and other ingredients.  Yes, it is that special day of the year:  Lefse Making Day.

Remembering my Grandma Ruth, my sisters, mom, and I dutifully carry out this labor of love.  I always get a little teary as I remember the day Grandma gave me her lefse griddle and lefse flipping stick, carefully made for her by my Grandpa Wallace many years before.  Although I use the griddle throughout the year for pancakes and crepes, the day it’s used for lefse is a special day.  Some years cousins join in the fun, and some years it’s just a few of us.  We work together to make the huge batches of lefse—we need enough to last us through the upcoming holidays.



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