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As my week back in the “real world” ends (think home from cabin), and 10 days of continuous company commences, I am immersed in meal planning and packing for another extended stay at the lake.  But thankfully, I am saved by my summer motto, “Have totes, will travel.”

You see, CobornDelivers not only solves my empty refrigerator dilemma at home, they also spare me the high prices and trips to town when I’m up North. When I order from CobornDelivers before heading to the lake, I can bring all my groceries with me right in their totes – especially those with the insulated coolers.  Then I don’t have to repack my groceries, and when I get there I can enjoy my company and the lake right away!

Additionally, I love the family packs section of the online store (click on “Grocery Store”, then on “Family Packs”) and the time and money saving options found there.  Everything from bakery and produce – check out the beautiful sandwich topper, fruit and vegetable trays – to the meats and beverages will have you set to travel and entertain in no time.

Never has shopping “on-the-go”, been so valuable or easy.   Thank you CobornDelivers for allowing me stay out of the store and savor my summer!


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One of the most exciting things about cabin life is discovering new things about a different locale or property.  As for us, we stumbled upon a goldmine as we embarked on our first summer at the cabin.  Nestled behind the grand pine trees, between the woods and our driveway, was an abundant, thriving raspberry patch.

Imagine our joy at discovering that plump, ripe fruit right outside our door – having done nothing to deserve its rewards.  From picking parties with grandma and early morning dashes for cereal topping, to the rain and mosquito filled harvests for exquisite company worthy desserts, those bushes have delivered!

My favorite dessert of the summer is a Raspberry Tart found online at Epicurious.com from the August, 1995 Gourmet magazine.  It has quickly become highly requested by all of its privileged tasters.

No raspberries of your own – no problem.  CobornsDelivers prides themselves on their daily produce rating, and rapsberries are considered “BEST” right now.  So skip the mosquitoes, order up and try the tart today!

Blogger, Sarah, and her family

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We recently joined the ranks of cabin ownership and all its glory.  Yet, one of the challenges of dual home management is maintaining your sanity while traveling back and forth, meal planning for company and keeping two places stocked with the essentials (not to mention remembering which house has what).

But, cabin owners rejoice – CobornsDelivers has the answer to your nomadic woes.

This week I am heading home after 28 days straight at the lake, and what would normally fill me with dread (not having so much as a drop of milk in the house) has turned into joy-filled anticipation.  Why?  Because I am ordering my groceries from the cabin online – and they will be waiting for me upon my arrival home!  No dumping the laundry out and rushing off the grocery store for me.  Which leaves me more time to actually enjoy my summer…and BOTH of my homes.

Take advantage of this great feature yourself this summer – whether you are at your own cabin, on a family car adventure or just taking a few days away to visit friends or family.  And discover the most welcome sight for sore eyes when you get back…green CobornsDelivers totes filled with groceries waiting at your door.

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Special Sesame Chicken Salad Recipe

Summer is the time for get-togethers. Family reunions, high school reunions, cookouts with neighbors, and company picnics go non-stop from June to September. I’m not complaining! I love spending time with my family and friends, many of whom I don’t get the chance to see very often with our differing schedules.

I also like the opportunity that I get to try my hand at a variety of recipes to accompany me to the picnic table. Hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and veggie plates are wonderful, but I’m looking for something new and exciting this season – What do you think about these creative concoctions?

Special Sesame Chicken Salad Recipe

Jalapeño Potato Salad

Mini Fish Burgers

Crock Pot Spanish Rice

PB&J Cookies

Or how about these Petite BLT’s from CobornsDelivers.com (Easy Eats under “Picnic Food”)

Petite BLTs


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One of the best parts about Minnesota is the seemingly endless number of trails that run throughout the state. These trails make for wonderful bike paths and relaxing weekends where riders can crisscross safely from town to town, taking in lush greenery, fresh air, and abundant sunshine.

The only problem is that one can get caught up biking for a long time without realizing how much time has passed! Don’t get stuck far from home on an empty stomach. Having extra water and portable snacks on hand to keep your energy level up will ensure an enjoyable trip, no matter how long your ride. Keep the following tips in mind as you plan your next trip. (more…)

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My kids love popsicles in all of their melting, dripping, sweet-tasting glory.  I usually buy the all-fruit varieties so that my children get some vitamins while slurping their “‘cicles.”  Now and again we decide to make our own.  It’s a fun, creative, kid-friendly activity; we get to explore different flavor combinations; and I know first-hand how nutritious the ingredients are.

Fresh Fruit Popsicles
You could take your favorite fruit juice, add lemon juice, and toss in whatever fresh fruit you happen to have on hand.  Here’s the combination I tried:

1 cup apple juice
¼ cup lemon juice
1 cup bite-sized pieces of fresh strawberries, peaches, and grapes
Mix ingredients together and freeze in popsicle molds.


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My dad’s side of the family just had a reunion.  Most of those who came were my dad’s cousins and their kids, some whom I vaguely remember from when I was young, and some whom I’ve never even met.  It was interesting—all of these near-strangers, all somehow related to one another, gathering to meet or get reacquainted.

I chuckled to hear my 11-year-old nephew look around at the crowd and ask, “Am I actually related to all of these people?”  He had the critical duty of helping carry in the crock pots, platters, trays, and bowls of food from the cars pulling in the driveway.  He gleefully said to me, “Look at all of this food!  And half of it’s dessert!”


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