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I wanted you to know that I love the side dish and used a recipe once for the snowy mashed potatoes to bring to a potluck. I bring it often now in late fall/winter – people love it.

Anyway. I wanted to tell you my story of how I use the Easy Eats at Coborn’s Delivers now…and since I discovered it two years ago…

The kids were always asking me “What is for dinner.” So I started using Easy Eats to find new things to try that they would all like – (mostly in winter when no one in our family has sports – we like grass when we play!!!

I go out and find recipes, put items needed in cart, print off recipe and label with a day- Monday, Tuesday, etc. Then everyone would know what we were having; even if my husband had to cook dinner that night.

We even made the Spider Cake once…. http://mommysnest.blogspot.com/2007/10/good-morning.html



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fruitLast night we held our Spring/Summer open house and it was a success! We had a bounty of fresh produce, and lucky customers got to go home with reusable bags full after being wowed on their tour.

See all the photos on our Facebook page

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Video here.

I remember my first pint of Surly beer. I was then working for Bell Canoe Works and delivering a boat up to the Wooden Boat Festival at the North House Folk School. When I was done, I headed to the Gunflint Tavern and ordered a pint of Surly Furious and a cheese burger. I’ll admit, I’m a hop head: Left Coast Hop JuiceDogfish Head 90 minute and 120 minute, Pliny the Elder–yeah, I love hops. So when this glorious brew bubbled over my lips, coated my palate and pursed my cheeks I knew I’d found a new best friend. I was hooked.

A little over a year later I found myself employed by SimonDelivers and right in the middle of a desire to expand their beer line. What luck! I said we’ve got to carry Surly. Our product manager at the time worked her butt off to get it in, and after pulling a few strings she did just that. Glory days.

So now, you, beloved user of CobornsDelivers.com, can get Surly beer delivered to your door. Isn’t life grand?

Buy Surly Bender

Buy Surly Furious

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chicken_burritoToday is May 5, Cinco de Mayo. If there was ever an Americanized international holiday, this must rank at the top. Not that that’s such a bad thing. It’s a reason for us to celebrate the culture and heritage of our Mexican neighbor to the south, and I’m all for that.

I love Mexican (and Spanish) dishes. As a kid I thought refried beans were pasty and sans flavor. Now that I’ve had some of the more authentic, non-canned variety, I realize its got a lot going for it. Throw in some rice and perhaps some mole sauce–yum.

This being a weeknight and all it might be tough to get, we’ve made it easy for you to have quick, easy, tasty Mexican dishes at home. From recipes to ingredients, we have it all.

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I just received this email from one of our customers. As I read it I am reminded that we are all still cautiously tip-toeing our way through this economic climate. I don’t know how many people realize the opportunities there are for saving money by shopping online at CobornsDelivers.com: Our prices have never been lower, delivery fee of just $5, and the same great service and quality you’ve always been used to.

I’d love to know how all of you are saving money by grocery shopping online. Hopefully, by sharing your tips here (leave a comment below or send me an email) others can reap the same benefits of this service as you!

Here’s the letter (thanks Michelle for sending it in!):

“I’m a mother of two small children and have just returned to work full-time. Let me just say that the days before the transition found me in a complete panic. How would I get it all done? The laundry, the homework, the grocery shopping, the meals, the errands, the appointments – never mind having any time for fun! One of my biggest concerns was the grocery shopping and meal planning and prep. One of the biggest perks of staying home (or so I thought) was being able to save $$ by running to the grocery store after having planned my weekly menu and being able to prepare meals. What was I going to do now? I certainly wasn’t going to compromise my food budget or eat junk for the week!

“I was going to do what any good Family CEO (a title I’ve donned for myself, wear proudly, and take seriously) would do; I was going to delegate! I’d been a SimonDelivers.com customer in the past, and found it a great service with good meal ideas and product selection. So, I decided to try CobornsDelivers.

“On Sunday, I made our dinner and cooked Monday’s dinner (a little trick of mine – while I’m cooking, I cook as much as I can), served it, did a few random chores and got the kids off to bed. Then I settled into ‘comfort mode’, logged on to your site and placed my order. I was so delighted to see all the wonderful changes, like lower prices, great value-items, wonderful selection – especially produce, and even meal ideas that incorporate items that are on sale! So I went through my ‘menu’ that I make up by penciling in ideas for four weeks at a time (again, as long as I’m doing it, I do as much as I can at a time) and started filling my cart while saving time, gas, and money! Here’s how I did it:

“I checked my freezer and pantry, so I wasn’t buying things I didn’t need.
I checked my freezer and pantry, so I could finally see what I needed to get out of there and bought things to finish off those meals.
I checked the Specials and chose items I needed that were on sale. Since my menu is just penciled – in, I can change it based on what’s on sale, if it makes sense.
My ‘My List’ was still intact, so I went there to double-check to see if I was forgetting staples like the milk we buy, etc. – no running for fill-ins for me – I no longer can afford that luxury!

“Then Monday came and four beautiful green bins arrived filled with about $110 worth of groceries that fed us for 7 days — main dishes, sides, desserts, beverages and snacks included. And now when I get home from work, I make dinner, we sit as a family, talk about our day, and eat well. Thank you!” – Michelle

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